Dean Martin's Daughter Talks About Her Father's Time With 'The Rat Pack'

By Emma Patterson
Her Moments Staff

One night in the 1950s, Humphrey Bogart returned home with a handful of rough-and-tumble looking performers. They made a habit of partying on the Las Vegas strip, and every night when they returned to Bogie’s house, his wife would comment to the group, “You look like a damn rat pack.”

Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, and Sammy Davis, Jr. were the slicked-back head honchos of the Rat Pack. They were performers, comedians, and occasionally serious actors...but more times than not, you would find them gallivanting around the Strip with drinks in their hands and women on their arms — at least, according to legend. Decades after they were in their heyday, one Rat Packer’s daughter came out with a confession that could change the way fans looked at the Rat Pack forever...

There are three things that sum up the Rat Pack: Their heavy drinking, their lavish spending, and their womanizing ways. It’s this last quality that captivates people even seventy years later...especially when it comes to one of the group’s most talented members.

Dean Martin was known as the “king of cool,” and it’s easy to see why: His crooning, relaxed nature made him a popular performer on the stage and on the screen. It was his effortlessly cool personality that catapulted him to fame…

And it also resulted in salacious rumors about the Rat Pack. It may sound silly now, but these suave swingers were considered the manliest men in show business. They epitomized a slick kind of appeal that women apparently went nuts for.

Imagine growing up with these kinds of rumors swirling around your own father — this is exactly what Deana Martin went through as a young girl. Though the Rat Pack was once envied by all, Deana isn't sure they’d be as admired today.  

When asked if the Rat Pack would have avoided controversy in the #MeToo movement, Deana didn't skip a beat. “I think they would have only because they were so cute at it…” she started to say, but then she stopped, seemingly unable to answer.


"He’s just being cute" is a common defense for harassment, in and out of Hollywood. This once-tolerated “cuteness” really doesn't fly any longer, and with this in mind, Deana re-thought her answer to the question.