Prince Harry's Ex-Girlfriend Gets Candid About Their Break Up For The First Time

By Emma Patterson
Her Moments Staff

If there’s anything Cressida Bonas understands, it’s fear. As an aspiring actress, she has to power through her own personal fears all the time. It’s how she’s made it so far in the acting world...and how she survived for so long as the girlfriend of one of the most famous — and publicly scrutinized — men in the world. 

Tabloids have speculated over Bonas and Prince Harry’s break-up for years, with some wild headlines appearing as a result. Headlines spread rumors of cheating, royal-family shunning, royal-family conspiracies — the list goes on. But now, years later, Cressida Bonas is finally opening up about why she broke off from the royals...and whether or not she regrets it.

Introducing Cressida Bonas

Intentional or not, Bonas’ acting roles have often explored the nature of fear: In a stage production of The Great Gatsby, she played Daisy, Gatsby’s shallow and regretful ex-lover, and she was also in the horror film The Bye Bye Man.

The Bye Bye Man/STX Entertainment

White House Farm

Still, it’s Bonas’ performance in the TV series White House Farm that garnered her the most praise. The series, which is about the infamous 1985 White House Farm murders, forced Bonas to confront life’s most fearsome moments head-on.

White House Farm/ITV Hub

Fear Itself Podcast

And by 2020, Bonas had also gained a large audience through her podcast Fear Itself, in which she asks celebrities to explain their biggest fears. Still, even as an aspiring actress, it’s Bonas’ personal life that has forced her to confront her own troubles, and all because of her famous ex.

The Two Harrys

Nowadays, Bonas knows exactly what she wants. “I won’t have a huge wedding, that’s not really us,” she said of her and her fiance, Harry Wentworth-Stanley. Clearly, it’s a good thing she didn’t end up marrying the other Harry in her life — Prince Harry.

Hugo Burnand

Nontraditional Relationship

Harry Wentworth-Stanley may not be a Prince like Bonas’ ex, but like Bonas herself, he’s royal-adjacent. His mother is the Marchioness of Milford Haven while Bonas’ grandfather is Edward Curzon, the 6th Earl Howe. Still, their relationship is anything but traditional.

Fateful Introduction

She first met Wentworth-Stanley at Leeds University, where they dated for about a year before breaking up. Bonas didn’t wallow for long, though: In 2012, Bonas’ friend, Princess Eugenie, introduced Bonas to Prince Harry, AKA, the world’s most high-profile rebound.

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